Fxshtopher likes to travel around this digital ocean. However, it cannot move without fuel, just like you cannot make a transaction without a gas fee. The only way to keep Fxshtopher moving is by feeding it with $fxsh.

Fxshtopher Web3 Journey

Fxshtopher Web3 Journey will be an endless NFT Journey starting from the “Into the Web3” series.

The first journey, Into the Web3", is the record of the birth of Fxshtopher and its dream. Fxshtopher wants to find someone who shares the same vision as it and, most importantly, the best travel companion.

Into the Web3" journey will be a collectible series using ERC-1155 tokens. We will release stories from the journey every week, and you will have one week to mint them. We have prepared a special gift for those who collect all the stories of this journey.

After the journey ofInto the Web3", Fxshtopher will need you to decide the next traveling spot (DAO). You can choose whether Fxshtopher goes swimming in the curve.fi pool or dances on the Binance exchange (not actually using the funds to join, only the art). The journey will also be performed in NFT style.

Let’s travel together and grow our influence together. You can imagine how big are the possibilities and opportunities after we growing up.

$fxsh Allocation

$fxsh is the key of our ecosystem, it will be used to mint NFT, DAO Voting, Staking and Raffling.

We are not expecting to sell out the token, we are expecting to use this token to enrich our ecosystem.

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There is no exact roadmap for Fxshtopher. 

Fxshtopher Web3 Journey” is only one of the branch of our ecosytem. We will also have PFP, generative art, art collection in our ecosystem. We are doing our best to combine and explore blockchain technology and art.

We will start from our “Web3 Journey” and there is no limit of any topic. This is a place where we and Web3 users can unleash our creativity to the fullest. Hope you can be our travel companion!

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about us


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